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Graham Jordan

About Graham Jordan

I’ve been a passionate advocate for health and fitness ever since I began my fitness journey in 1999, where in the 2 years that followed I achieved astonishing personal weight loss results. I know from personal experience what it is to persevere through intimidation, lack of self-confidence and knowledge in order to achieve a better life. It was because of this reasoning that I decided to become a personal trainer, and help others realize their own goals and achieve them. I’ve been a P.T for over 15 years in which time I’ve gained extensive knowledge across various fields of training. I specialize in working with Disabled Elderly, Autistic populations as well as those seeking Rehabilitation programs and general health and fitness. I am a very conscientious and dedicated trainer always willing to advice and help with any fitness questions and problems.


  • Exercise prescription – programs designed to suit personal needs with sound advice and guidance given throughout
  • Exercise Rehabilitation and injury management
  • General health and fitness.
  • Nutrition and Weight management
  • Special population (Elderly, Autistic, Disabled)

Qualifications/ Achievements

  • Certificate III & IV in fitness (Premier personal trainer certification)
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Level II First Aid & CPR