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Sarah Wales

About Sarah Wales

I’ve been involved in health and fitness for over 6 years. I have a deep seeded passion for success; not just in my own life, but also in my clients lives. I have competed in several body building competitions over the years and have recently begun prepping clients for their
first competitions. I practise what I preach, I live every day in the healthiest way I possibly can and love showing clients that everyone has the potential to form new, positive habits.


  • Competition prep/coaching
  • Group fitness classes
  • Weight loss/transformations
  • Strength training

Qualifications/ Achievements

  • Cert. III and IV in Fitness
  • First Aid
  • Cert. III and IV in Kettle Bells
  • 2016 INBA Southern Cross Championships
  • 3rd place sports model
  • 5th place fitness bikini model