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Classes are FREE with every membership.
Classes have a maximum of 10 people.
Bookings are essential to secure a place.
Please call reception, see us in club or use the app to book.


The session that gives you everything, uses everything and is never the same. With a mix of equipment from tyres, sledgehammers, ropes, kettle bells, sleds, climbing ropes, as well as your weights and cardio, this session will make you sweat, grow stronger and more powerful as well as increasing your endurance and overall fitness.


Got anger, good! Frustrated, good! Want to hit things, good! Harness that for 60 minutes of everyone’s favourite session and come hit the pads and the bags. Learn proper technique and punch like a true boxer.


Challenge yourself with not only aerobics but also powerbar and step. Mixing it up every session to give you the workout you need to improve your strength, co-ordination and health.

High Intensity Bootcamp

Every muscle will be on fire as you’re pushed to your limits across multiple stations, testing every area of the body. You’ll get a taste of intense interval training with 60sec working 30 second rest, to 30 sec working 10 second rest. Learn correct technique, push yourself and let our trainers show you what your made of. Are you up for the bootcamp challenge?

Strength and Conditioning

If you’re after that amazing pump you feel during your workout, but also want different approach to conventional cardio? (No more boring treadmill runs!) Then this is your class! Designed to hit muscle hypertrophy and incorporate your endurance, strength and conditioning combines hundreds of workouts into one friendly sweaty session.
These workouts are based of the Tabata work rate system, also incorporating AMRAPS and military style workouts.


Time to hit some legs! Power through an hour with Nikola.